Vocational Programs

“Employment is nature’s physician, and is essential to human happiness.” – Galen

ACHIEVE Career Consultants provide multiple avenues for people to prepare for and become successful members of the workforce community. These avenues include: community and vocational assessments, paid and unpaid internship programs; occupational training programs in specialized fields; school to work programs, job placement, supported employment, on-site simulated job training experiences and many more! We have offices in Wellsville, Corning, Bath, and Hornell.



Amber Parker
Director of Vocational Services (Allegany & Steuben)
One Arc Way, Bath NY 14810

Employment Services

Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR): ACHIEVE Career Consultants are approved to provide a wide variety of services to individuals in Allegany County who are eligible for ACCES-VR. Services include Vocational Evaluation, Community Based Workplace Assessments, Work Readiness Training, Job Placement and Supported Employment. Click here to visit the Acces-VR website or scan the QR code to the left.

Assisted Competitive Employment (ACE) Program: ACE services are designed to assist people diagnosed with severe and persistent mental illnesses with choosing, finding, and maintaining satisfying jobs in the competitive employment market. ACE Employment Specialists prepare people for employment, assist in placing them in competitive jobs and provide extensive follow-up support to ensure a smooth transition into the work environment. The services will also provide qualified individuals with job related skills training as well as supervision and support services, both on and off a job-site. Click here to view a brochure or scan the QR code to the left. Click here to view a referral form.

Benefits Advisement: This service educates participants on the range of benefits available to them so they make informed choices concerning the benefits they receive or that are available to them, including the work incentives available to them as they participate in education, training, and employment. The use of Benefits Advisement will enable individuals to use existing work incentives to maximize earnings from employment and achieve the greatest degree of self-sufficiency, without losing essential benefits (e.g. Medicaid) necessary for their well-being.

Community Prevocational Services: Services that provide learning and work experiences, including volunteering, where participants can develop general, non-job-task specific strengths and skills that contribute to employability in paid employment in integrated community settings. Click here to visit the OPWDD website.

Employment & Training Program: The Employment Training Program provides opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to gain real work experience and attend job readiness classes to build success. The goal of the ETP internship is to obtain community employment at the completion of the internship. There is a student version, an adult version and a Discovery Only version.  There is more information in the PowerPoint. Click here to visit the OPWDD website.

Job Readiness/Work Readiness: ACHIEVE has developed a comprehensive series of Job Readiness classes to address current employment issues by surveying local employers and working with the New York State Department of Education to determine what employers are looking for from prospective Employees.

Pre-ETS Services: Pre-Employment Transition Services uses both a classroom and contextual training model to equip students with a disability between the ages of 14 and 21 with the skills, knowledge and experience to prepare for employment. Students develop workplace behaviors, social and independent living skills through both virtual and work-based learning experiences. Services provided take a person-centered approach to career exploration, and is designed to assist youth in exploring and identifying potential career paths, while developing skills necessary to successfully transition. Click here to view a brochure or scan the QR code to the left. Click here to view a refferal form.

Project SEARCH: Information coming soon.

RISE – Reaching Individual Success in Education: A partnership between Alfred State and ACHIEVE Career Consultants. RISE is located on the Alfred State campus and focuses on creating a unique educational experience that nurtures students’ social and academic growth.  Students are given access to a variety of experiential learning opportunities through services learning, work study, mentoring and internships. RISE focuses on academic instruction, employment experiences through work-based learning, and social and independent living. Click here to view a brochure or scan the QR code to the left.

Student Internship Experience: School districts may partner with ACHIEVE to provide a vocational program option for students once academic requirements are met through New York State Education Programs that are individually designed and can be half-day or full-day programs. Design of a plan can include functional skills training, work readiness training, internships, and counseling regarding employment and post-secondary education.

Summer Youth Employment Program: The Summer Youth Employment Program gives youth an opportunity to work and earn money during the summer. The Arc Allegany-Steuben works with local businesses to find work in the communities where you live and positions that are in your areas of interest. Each student will have the aide of an on-site job coach throughout each of their shifts. Students will be paid $14.20 per hour and will be required to work between 10 and 15 hours per week for 6 – 7 weeks. Applications are being accepted for the Summer Youth Employment Program until June 1, 2023. The program is open to students ages 16+ with a diagnosed disability living in Allegany County.

Supported Employment Extended Services: On-going support services to participants who, because of their disabilities, need intensive on-going support to obtain and maintain a job in competitive or customized employment or self-employment, in an integrated work setting in the general workforce for which an individual is compensated at or above minimum wage. Click here to visit the OPWDD website.

Ticket to Work: ACHIEVE is a partner of the Administrative Employment Network of New York State. The goal of the national Ticket to Work program (funded through the Social Security Administration) is to give people receiving disability benefits the chance to achieve steady, long-term employment. Click here to visit the Ticket to Work website.

Vocational Evaluation: ACHIEVE has the ability to assess your work skills, aptitudes, and learning style. This is accomplished through an assessment process which takes approximately 2-3 hours. In this time frame, you will meet with a trained Evaluator who will put you through a series of tests which will allow the Evaluator to identify your potential for employment in your desired field.

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