Our Mission

To support and respect people’s choices on their journey to independence.

Our Vision

A community of people who see opportunities in each other.

Our Values

  • Honor – Be honest about any internal struggles or communications; around the future each person can expect; in the ways that you respect the transparency you would want for yourself.
  • Educate – Be a beacon of inspiration for people; of inclusion for communities; of advancement by talking, promoting and educating those who further the stigma; and of radiant positivity, always.
  • Adapt – Be open to change within the organization; to inspire opportunities within people; and to an ever-changing industry that requires patience and compassion.
  • Remain – Be committed to your community, your team and your people; to always doing what’s right; and to making a positive impact every day.
  • Try – Be willing to be flexible with your team and on behalf of the people you support; to do everything you can to make a difference for one person; and to speak up as an agent of change when it’s most needed.