I HEART Shout Outs - shoutouts
Honor - shoutouts

Be honest about any internal struggles or communications; around the future each person can expect; in the ways that you respect the transparency you would want for yourself.

To: Kimberly       From: Bona

Kim has been very open to express her concerns as well as provide feedback or solutions to problems she sees. Anytime she has questions she asks. Kim has done well with adapting with the people we support and having the patience and compassion even if the individual is driving you crazy:) Kim has done an amazing job with the menu’s and encouraging input from the guys as well as ensuring the inventory is completed timely. Kim has been a huge help with being flexible with her schedule and has provided the Pinney team with some last minute extra support with needed coverage. Thank you for being just down the road and being a committed team member Kim!

To: Karen Ryan      From Lisa

Congratulations to Karen Ryan on your 30 year work anniversary! You are amazing! Thank you for everything you do!!

To: Michelle    From: Desarae

I want to praise Michelle for always willing to help other staff. Michelle is a great staff and is always willing to help! Michelle has helped cover shifts and puts the individuals first! Thank you for all your hard work! I appreciate you!

To: Dee       From: Nancy

Dee I know I and others have said this and given you Kuddos. But, you truly are a Beacon of Inspiration. Not only to me but, to many of the people who meet you. I am so glad that I have the opportunity to work in the same house as you do. I know I was only suppose to choose one value. You really have all rolled into one. You are honest, your funny, you are inspiring and you are a team player. Most of all I enjoy talking with you. You make the bad days better. Thank you Dee for everything you do. You are appreciated very much!!!!!

Educate - shoutouts

Be a beacon of inspiration for people; of inclusion for communities; of advancement by talking, promoting and educating those who further the stigma; and of radiant positivity, always.

To: Tony               From: Kim

Tony is always finding ways to involve the people we support in the community. He takes the opportunities that arise to educate people in the community to reduce the stigma. Recently Tony took one of the ladies from Niles to a lent luncheon and made sure she felt welcomed and was able to chat and interact with everyone there. Tony goes about things in a way that ensures comfort to everyone in the setting. Thank you Tony!

To: Amy      From: Amy

For the endless times you have taught any one of us in Compliance to learn new processes or tricks in the systems we use. You have patience beyond patience with all of us. We have advanced our audits and moved to prospective audits because of your contributions and I can’t thank you enough for being part of this team! You rock the technology like no other!

To: Mary      From: Amy

Your support and commitment to helping our team learn and grow in moving to prospective audits, taking on financial audits that are unfamiliar and ensuring there is clear guidance for all agency associates with HIPAA are invaluable. You show a passion and patience that are amazing characteristics for a teacher and I am very thankful you are part of the team! Thank you for always being here and helping us in any way you can.

To: Myriah         From: Carrie

You did a great job chairing this year’s Star Golf Classic. There was a great turnout of golfers and everyone had fun. Your work is important; it bridges the gap and creates bonds between the Arc, those it serves, and the community.

Adapt - shoutouts

Be open to change within the organization; to inspire opportunities within people; and to an ever-changing industry that requires patience and compassion.

To: Jessica      From: Maranda

Jessica, THANK YOU for your timely response in getting the asked information to me quickly. You have shown you are able to adapt when your supervisor is not at the IRA. Continue doing what you are doing! Again, Thank you!!!

To: Pam         From: Lisa

Thank You for all you do for the people we support that live at Fourth Street. I know you make every day brighter for them just by being present. Also a huge thank you for all the hours you have been putting recently to ensure the oversight of the home is met.

To: Krista                 From: Kim

Krista is always such a great role model in this area. She is able to adapt to change whether big or small. She encourages and educates her team and the people she supports to adopt to the changes in different situations. Thanks for all you do Krista!!

To: Amy     From: Amy

For the tireless efforts you have put into bringing audits up to date and helping us in moving toward prospective audits. Without the entire team in Compliance this would not have been possible and I can’t thank you enough for being part of the process! Awesome job!

To: Brandy       From: Amy

For your constant flexibility in completing audits and learning new programs as you do. You have shown great ability to move between programs for auditing and have taken on financial audits as well. The Compliance Team has worked to get all of our audits caught up and move to a process of prospective auditing. You have played an enormous role in that and I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work! You do an awesome job!

To: Catherine     From: Bona

Catherine has been a very flexible associate working a variety of hours including double shifts as needed. Catherine has begun helping out with some extra responsibilities to help the team out which include medication audits and taking on the role as an advocate. Catherine has experienced some trying times with an individual with challenging behaviors lately and as difficult as these situations were, she handled them very well and I’m super proud of her. Great Job Catherine and Thank you for all the help you give to your team.

To: Marsha      From: Norma

BCR has alot of employees I could shout out about but, Marsha is a new employee – she is picking up all documentation very quickly and willing to learn more. The biggest thing I want to praise her for is her flexibility in covering shifts. No complaints and she is fitting in very well. Marsha your great, keep up the good work. We are very happy to have you in our BCR Team.

To: Chris         From: Kim

Chris recently came to the Nobles team. I am very happy with the work she completes each day. Chris is calm and patient with the ladies. She is very dependable and also picks up extra shifts when needed to help ensure coverage of the house. I am very fortunate to have Chris on our team!

To: Betty       From: Tracy

“Big Shout Out” to Betty for being calm and adapting to staff changes and ensuring services remain uninterrupted.

To: Ted         From: Tracy

“Big Shout Out” to Ted for stepping in at last minute and adjusting his schedule to fit the needs of another program.

To: Andrea      From: Tracy

“Big Shout Out” to Andrea for stepping in at the last minute to assist with another program so services were not interrupted.

To: Kristy        From: Tracy

“Big Shout Out” to Kristy for willing to adjust her schedule to fit the needs of another program and staying longer so that services did not get interrupted.

To: Konnica     From: Tracy

 “Big Shout Out” to Konnica for always willing to adjust her schedule to fit the needs of another program at the last minute.

Remain - shoutouts

Be committed to your community, your team and your people; to always doing what’s right; and to making a positive impact every day.

To: Cindy           From: Mary

For making sure that person supported information is provided even when Care Coordinator falls down on providing it. Thank you for ensuring the person supported services continue.

To: Robyn      From: Ted

Robyn recently went beyond her standard job duties to assist a person receiving services who may have been put in a potential health care emergency without her assistance. Her quick action and decision making allowed this person to experience the best possible outcome and her medical guidance was most beneficial. A potential health crisis was likely avoided by her quick thinking and action. Thank you Robyn!

To: Kyle         From: Lisa

Kyle you are amazing – I want to send a huge shout and thank you for the amazing support you give the people you support. Today’s SHOUT OUT is for all of the hard work and support you have given to one person you support. You assisted him with making his dream come true ! It took 9 months of planning, cleaning organizing, and dump trips and now his living room and home is ready ! Kyle assisted the person he supported with purchasing his brand new Lazy boy recliner and a new 50 inch tv . All he wanted was to be able to sit in his living room in his very own chair ,with his fur friend and watch tv ,maybe even eat dinner . His dream is now a reality . Thank you Kyle !

To: Tammy       From: Amy

You have remained committed to learning new duties and processes throughout all the changes that have come about over the past year. You work diligently to be sure you understand new things and you commit to doing your absolute best in everything. Our team has made enormous strides and your contribution has made that possible. Thank you for always doing your absolute best!

To: Betty      From: Tracy

Kudos to Betty for stepping up and helping a family that was in a crisis situation and providing a calm support needed for the individual to participate in his day service.

To: David            From: Tracy

Kudos to David for stepping in and helping a family that was in a crisis situation and offering any support they needed.

To: Michael           From: Judy

Thank you Mike for being committed to you work by going over and above in your supports for those you work with. Nice job.

To: Tina             From: Patricia

You are amazing! I appreciate everything you do for the nursing team… There are no words that describe how dedicated you are… YOU ARE AMAZING!!!

To: Justin           From: Beckie

Shout out to Justin for helping us to get the Connections room at IP back in order. The room looks much better. Clean, organized, and maintenance issues fixed!

To: Mariah     From: Arlene

I would like to give Mariah a shout out because there has been many many times I have needed help in the med room and she’s just a phone call away, she’s helpful. I needed help one day she came down from her office and helped me out, I can’t thank Mariah for all the things she has helped me with in the last two weeks in the med room, at times thank you doesn’t sound like enough for this young lady she loves her job and the people she works for, thank you again Mariah for all you do for me and our people we serve.

To: Kristy         From: Lisa

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the past few weeks on the schedules and the multiple other tasks that I have asked you to assist with for Adsit and Pearl.

To: Trina      From: Lisa

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for completing the Monthly Closeouts for the Fourth, Adsit and Pearl teams. Also for all the support you have given to the Fourth and Belle Haven team over the past 6 weeks. Your dedication is truly appreciated.

To: Tammy      From: Lisa

Thank you for stepping right into Adsit and helping ensure the schedule, Res Habs, Attendance and multiple other duties that you assisted with were kept up with. All your hard work and extra hours that you worked are truly appreciated.

To: Janelle               From: Kim

Janelle does a great job with making sure the ladies at Nobles needs are met. She is a positive role model for her co workers and the people we support. Janelle is open, kind and we are all happy to have her on the team!

To: Caleb         From: Bona

Caleb just joined us recently and already has made a positive impact. One of the individuals who seems to take forever to warm up to any new associate, didn’t seem to have any problem making a connection with Caleb, which was shocking to everyone on the Pinney team. Thank you for joining our team Caleb!

To: Casey         From: Bona

Casey favorite saying is “Team work makes the Dream work.” Casey immediately offered to pick up every Sunday evening shift until it gets filled and then offered to help out half of the overnights if coverage couldn’t be found. Having someone offer themselves up like that doesn’t come around too often. Casey works her tail off when she is on the schedule completing all her responsibilities and more. She’s always messaging me saying I completed this or that for you. Casey really has been a huge help with getting through the recent weeks. Thank you so much Casey for all that you do!!

To: Chris       From: Jamie

I review the monthly summaries and I noticed how hers really stuck out to me. When going over many summaries, I looked at hers and it seems very personable. This was detailed with a lot of information that really focused on the person she wrote about. I think it is great to have people like her put that in those extra details when they are talking about someone.

To: Sara     From: Kim

Sara recently covered a double shift last minute on a Sunday. I appreciate her dedication to the ladies we serve!! Sara shows positive impact and is a good role model for her direct reports and the people we serve. Happy to have her as part of the team.

To: Carrie          From: Joe

Whenever I have a hard day Carrie is always there to lend a hand. We have weekly meetings to discuss struggles and also discuss my next weeks schedule.

To: Bonnie          From: Bona

Who you gonna call? Bonnie!! Bonnie has been a life savor for the Pinney team for years. Her dedication and support as a relief associate, there is just not enough words to express our gratitude for her service. Bonnie is thoughtful, comes in at a last minutes notice, she is an amazing cleaner, flexible, friendly and the most caring person to the people we support. Thank you Bonnie for everything!

To: Gregory        From: Bona

Gregory Dowdle has assisted the Pinney team by coming in earlier and picking up a few extra shifts. Gregory does a great job at ensuring the house is smelling amazing and continues to write on the message board positive quotes that the guys as well as the staff look forward to reading. Again these messages have made positive impacts on people whom may not have been having the greatest day. Thank you Gregory for all that you do for the Pinney team.

To: David         From: Bona

For a part time employee, Dave continues to support the Pinney team as a full time associate due to the needs there. Dave comes in early to fill the need shifts and has continue to pick up any open shifts working with people who haven’t been cleared yet or are in need of training. Dave has been flexible and has helped cover shifts at a moments notice. Dave enjoys being a part of a team that works well together and is always willing to do his part. Thanks for sticking with us Dave, don’t know what we’d do without you!!

Try - shoutouts

Be willing to be flexible with your team and on behalf of the people you support; to do everything you can to make a difference for one person; and to speak up as an agent of change when it’s most needed.

To: Shawna        From: Arlene

I would like to send a shout out to Shawna to tell how thankful I am to be able to work with her she is always willing to help a co work with a person we serve by changing off. Shawna will lesson to her co-work and let the co-work cry to her due to frustration with the job I know if it wasn’t for Shawna a couple weeks ago I would quite working for the allegany-steuben ARC so thank you Shawna for all you do!

To: Brandon     From: Tracy

A big Shout to Brandon for going above and beyond to make an individual feel and look better with a free haircut. He was very appreciative and I appreciate you taking time out of your busy to schedule to make this happen! Thanks again!

To: Lori       From: Brandon

I want to give a huge shout out to Lori in the nursing department, she has been so very helpful over the past few months covering shifts at the house and being willing to stay and pass meds while we’re down staff. Thank you so much Lori for all your help, the entire house appreciates it more than you know 🙂

To: Amy      From: Mary

For your dedication to ensure the six sigma project continues without a hitch amid stressful situation. Your dedication is outstanding.

To: Mackenzie        From: Kim

Mackenzie is new to the Niles team. She has been a great assets. Mackenzie shows great patience with one of the ladies at Niles. I have observed several times that Mackenzie will sit down and talk with her offer suggestions and help the person follow through. Mackenzie communicates well with her team to make sure the person’s desires are known. Very happy with Mackenzie’s work ethic and commitment.

To: Daniel         From: Kim

Daniel has been very flexible with her schedule lately to ensure the safety of the ladies we support. It has been extremely helpful to have someone who understands and is willing to help out where needed. Happy to have Daniel on the team!

To: Pam          From: Kim

Pam has been flexible with her schedule. She has been willing to cover Niles and Nobles on the weekends. Pam is a seasoned staff person who all the ladies enjoy spending time with. Thanks Pam!!

To: Arlene       From: Paulette

I would like to take the time to tell Paulette thank you for changing her schedule when a co worker called in due to a tragic death in the co workers family. Paulette was willing to change her whole night to help this person out Paulette canceled her dinner plans with her sister, came in on her day off, working with Paulette is a pleasure.

To: Tammie          From: Bona

Tammie has been an amazing flexible LCV who has selflessly changed her schedule, switched houses to assist with coverage and working with one of our most challenging individuals. Tammie has helped me with checking Geneva’s schedules, checking billing requirements and attendance and also helped complete the EFT report for Geneva. Along with many of my other team members, I don’t know what I would do without the effort and support Tammie gives me. Thank you so much!

To: Thomas         From: Bona

Tom has been very flexible with his schedule and on several occasions he has been left doing double shifts unexpectedly. Tom has ensured that he comes in an extra day to ensure that one of the guys we supports can continue to participate in his community Euchre night. Tom shows appreciation for his team and is willing to help out to lesson the load on others. Thank you Tom for all your help and dedication to the Pinney team.

To: Betty    From: Tracy

Shout Out to Betty for always being willing to accommodate her schedule to fit the needs of our program. She has prove to be reliable and has a great rapport with all the individuals she currently works with. Her dedication and hard work are an essential part of our team.

To: Tony B.    From: Kim

Tony has been very flexible in helping to cover shifts at Niles and Nobles. He is always very friendly and works well with all the people we support and gets along well with staff. I am thankful that we have Tony as part of our team.