I HEART Shout Outs - shoutouts
Honor - shoutouts

Be honest about any internal struggles or communications; around the future each person can expect; in the ways that you respect the transparency you would want for yourself.

To: Kimberly       From: Bona

Kim has been very open to express her concerns as well as provide feedback or solutions to problems she sees. Anytime she has questions she asks. Kim has done well with adapting with the people we support and having the patience and compassion even if the individual is driving you crazy:) Kim has done an amazing job with the menu’s and encouraging input from the guys as well as ensuring the inventory is completed timely. Kim has been a huge help with being flexible with her schedule and has provided the Pinney team with some last minute extra support with needed coverage. Thank you for being just down the road and being a committed team member Kim!

Educate - shoutouts

Be a beacon of inspiration for people; of inclusion for communities; of advancement by talking, promoting and educating those who further the stigma; and of radiant positivity, always.

Adapt - shoutouts

Be open to change within the organization; to inspire opportunities within people; and to an ever-changing industry that requires patience and compassion.

To: Catherine     From: Bona

Catherine has been a very flexible associate working a variety of hours including double shifts as needed. Catherine has begun helping out with some extra responsibilities to help the team out which include medication audits and taking on the role as an advocate. Catherine has experienced some trying times with an individual with challenging behaviors lately and as difficult as these situations were, she handled them very well and I’m super proud of her. Great Job Catherine and Thank you for all the help you give to your team.

To: Marsha      From: Norma

BCR has alot of employees I could shout out about but, Marsha is a new employee – she is picking up all documentation very quickly and willing to learn more. The biggest thing I want to praise her for is her flexibility in covering shifts. No complaints and she is fitting in very well. Marsha your great, keep up the good work. We are very happy to have you in our BCR Team.

Adapt - shoutouts

Be open to change within the organization; to inspire opportunities within people; and to an ever-changing industry that requires patience and compassion.

Remain - shoutouts

Be committed to your community, your team and your people; to always doing what’s right; and to making a positive impact every day.

To: Carrie          From: Joe

Whenever I have a hard day Carrie is always there to lend a hand. We have weekly meetings to discuss struggles and also discuss my next weeks schedule.

To: Bonnie          From: Bona

Who you gonna call? Bonnie!! Bonnie has been a life savor for the Pinney team for years. Her dedication and support as a relief associate, there is just not enough words to express our gratitude for her service. Bonnie is thoughtful, comes in at a last minutes notice, she is an amazing cleaner, flexible, friendly and the most caring person to the people we support. Thank you Bonnie for everything!

To: Gregory        From: Bona

Gregory Dowdle has assisted the Pinney team by coming in earlier and picking up a few extra shifts. Gregory does a great job at ensuring the house is smelling amazing and continues to write on the message board positive quotes that the guys as well as the staff look forward to reading. Again these messages have made positive impacts on people whom may not have been having the greatest day. Thank you Gregory for all that you do for the Pinney team.

To: David         From: Bona

For a part time employee, Dave continues to support the Pinney team as a full time associate due to the needs there. Dave comes in early to fill the need shifts and has continue to pick up any open shifts working with people who haven’t been cleared yet or are in need of training. Dave has been flexible and has helped cover shifts at a moments notice. Dave enjoys being a part of a team that works well together and is always willing to do his part. Thanks for sticking with us Dave, don’t know what we’d do without you!!

To: Caleb         From: Bona

Caleb just joined us recently and already has made a positive impact. One of the individuals who seems to take forever to warm up to any new associate, didn’t seem to have any problem making a connection with Caleb, which was shocking to everyone on the Pinney team. Thank you for joining our team Caleb!

To: Casey         From: Bona

Casey favorite saying is “Team work makes the Dream work.” Casey immediately offered to pick up every Sunday evening shift until it gets filled and then offered to help out half of the overnights if coverage couldn’t be found. Having someone offer themselves up like that doesn’t come around too often. Casey works her tail off when she is on the schedule completing all her responsibilities and more. She’s always messaging me saying I completed this or that for you. Casey really has been a huge help with getting through the recent weeks. Thank you so much Casey for all that you do!!

Try - shoutouts

Be willing to be flexible with your team and on behalf of the people you support; to do everything you can to make a difference for one person; and to speak up as an agent of change when it’s most needed.

To: Tammie          From: Bona

Tammie has been an amazing flexible LCV who has selflessly changed her schedule, switched houses to assist with coverage and working with one of our most challenging individuals. Tammie has helped me with checking Geneva’s schedules, checking billing requirements and attendance and also helped complete the EFT report for Geneva. Along with many of my other team members, I don’t know what I would do without the effort and support Tammie gives me. Thank you so much!

To: Thomas         From: Bona

Tom has been very flexible with his schedule and on several occasions he has been left doing double shifts unexpectedly. Tom has ensured that he comes in an extra day to ensure that one of the guys we supports can continue to participate in his community Euchre night. Tom shows appreciation for his team and is willing to help out to lesson the load on others. Thank you Tom for all your help and dedication to the Pinney team.