The bus driver’s job is to get you safely to your destination. You can help by following these guidelines:

  • Signal to the driver that you wish to board the bus in a safe place for bus to stop. Use clear hand signals.
  • Give driver exact fare or show appropriate bus pass.
  • Tell driver your destination.
  • Take your seat quickly and quietly.
  • Reserve seats for elderly and people with physical disabilities.
  • Keep aisle free of loose objects.
  • Place baggage or other items you are carrying on your lap. If you place on seat, please remove from seat for other passengers who wish to sit.
  • Refrain from speaking to driver when bus is in motion, except to remind of stop.
  • Keep hands and other items inside the bus.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke on bus.
  • Do not bring weapons or hazardous materials on bus.
  • Refrain from using obscenities.
  • Be courteous to other passengers.
  • Do not bring pets or animals on the bus, only service animals are permitted.

Our drivers are expected to be professional and friendly.

They are also expected to abide by the same guidelines. If you feel one of our drivers has compromised your safety, violated any of these guidelines, or violated your rights or if you would like to share a comment, please contact us.